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Strives to provide affordable unique, creative as well as simple bath and body products. Products that go beyond the ordinary store bought experience.  To provide nourishing, eye-catching, deliciously scented products but to also meet the needs of those who want something simple, but special and unique as well.  It is our desire to provide luxurious, handcrafted, customized products for our customers.  With continued time, we hope to further improve and build our line of products.  Products that will continue to meet these goals.

First of all we are a small home-based business. Secondly we have big dreams and goals.  Hence we are incredibly passionate and dedicated to making the highest quality Bath and Body products. In addition products are made with organic shea butters, organic coconut among other skin friendly oils.  Oils that leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and well moisturized. Therefore our handmade skincare line is made with gentle care.  Very Affordable Products.

In addition we are very passionate about what we do.  It is a sincere pleasure to provide these services.  Due to this not only is it exciting but we take pride in what we do.  We provide the same service to everyone.  Lynns Bath Boutique is eager to serve each and every customer.

Most noteworthy we thank you for supporting our small business. Thank you for supporting and our dreams. Most of all we hope that you will follow our business as it continues to grow and expand. Lastly with your support, we can make this dream a reality.  Finally we are here for you.

Because We Care!!!


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  • Unique Bath and Body Products
  • Customized Bath and Body Products
  • Eye-Catching Bath and Body Products
  • Nourishing Bath and Body Products
  • Simple Bath and Body Products
  • Delicious Scented Bath and Body Products
  • Creative Products
  • Affordable Bath and Body Products
  • Hand Crafted Bath and Body Products




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